My passion is in making beautiful responsive web applications.

Hi, my name is Kaleb White, and I'm a frontend engineer located in San Francisco, CA. I currently work at a startup Mesosphere, where I build and work on beautiful interfaces as well as collect dank meme's.

A quick summary about me.

I was born and raised in Minneapolis MN and had a passion for design and building interfaces on the web. Thats when I went to school and graduated from The Art Institutes International Minnesota, with a Bachelors of Science degree in Web Design & Interactive Media.

From then I went to work at a digital marketing agency named space150 for three years, where I was given the opportunity to work on large applications for major clients such as: American Express, Buffalo Wild Wings, Land o'Lakes, and Cambria. Working along side others and creating and building tools to help engineer and develop these large consumer-facing products continued to let me grow as an engineer in Minnesota.

Thats when I made the decision to relocate to the beautiful west coast, specifically San Francisco where I joined the team at Odopod. Odopod was a dream come true for me, an agency which specialized in beautiful design, as well as beautiful code. When working there I helped deliver products for companies such as, Google, Sony, Tesla, SpaceX, and Audemars Piguet. A lot of these products we're seen by millions of users globally.

Three years later I left Odopod and started work at a small startup named Mesosphere. Where I was tasked with building and maintaining their main customer facing website. The site was small, and scrappy but I was able to expand it and grow out different sections, all while modernizing it's main stack, creating high code standards, and increasing web performance exponentially.

Lets get social.

You like social media? I like social media! Let's chat and connect on all the channels and networks. If it's bookface, the gram, Linkedin, Tweetbird, or Microhub find me below.