Buffalo Wild Wings

The new responsive Buffalo Wild Wings website is both bold and clean, providing a perfect user experience from users on their mobile device or computers at home. Working with space150 we used techniques such as CSS Inline SVG images, and server side detection for mobile images and assets. We built a mobile experience at 768 pixels and lower for the wide range of new mobile devices coming into the market.

More About The Project

The site features a robust JavaScript breakpoint API which builds and destroys modules and functionality based on the browser width and screen size. This was beneficial for creating different functionalities for different screen sizes such slide shows and other portions of the user interface. It also was helpful for loading different image assets for small screens devices; keeping page sizes at a minimum and helping performance.


Thorne and Gretchen are wedding photographers based in the Chicagoland area. I was approached with the task of creating a website experience which focused strongly n photography but keeping a clean elegant user interface to enhance their brand. Many wedding photography sites only focus on usability, or photo heavy, but never are able to capture both.

The site is fully responsive and introduces an entirely new user experience using the same markup when a user is on a mobile device, versus when they are browsing at home on their computers. The site features a fully responsive hero-slideshow on the home which shows rich beautiful photography when users first visit.

Your site and brand feels expensive, I mean that in the best way.

- Sam Hassas

space150 version 29

Working with space150 and their development team, I was assigned to architect and even design various pages and modules for space150’s new web site. The site was built on middleman, which is a site generator framework based on Sinatra.

“responsive design is a must”

This version focuses on responsive web design so it’s optimized not only for your desktop, but mobile device and tablet too. Also since this was a middleman project, we were able to quickly prototype features and ideas using HTML markup engines such as Slim, and styling with SASS.

OptumHealth Curo

Working with space150 and their development team, I was assigned to design and architect various pages of a site called Curo, a Healthcare concierge tool for Optumhealth. The site was designed and developed with a heavy focus on responsive web design, thus it could provide the best content and layout for your desktop, and mobile devices.

More About The Project

Curo was built on an agile development schedule which meant heavy coordination with space150’s UX department and creative department. To help quicken development it was built on Compass which is a CSS authoring framework using SASS.


The job market is tough in 2011, but when looking for a job you try to find the one generous benefits, or amazing perks. With the job aggregation sites out there it was difficult to gauge on what job you would care about the most. Which   work culture allowed your pets, or allowed unlimited vacation?

That’s the purpose of www.wrkbox.com, a site founded by Daniel Hennessy. I was approached by Daniel to build his fantastic idea where jobs could be posted that from workplaces offered killer perks, and benefits; if your workplace did not offer a cool benefit, sorry bro.’

cujo.jp version3

Two years have passed and it’s time to clean up the cobwebs. Version2 of cujo.jp was a great improvement from the first, and version 3 is a major improvement of version 2. The new cuo.jp is built knowing that 1/4 of you use your mobile device to view the page (if you’re not on your mobile device, try loading this site up).

“responsive design is a must”

If you want to know about some backend development mumbo jump magic, the site was built using compass (sass framework) and uses css media queries. It was designed with a strict grid layout in mind while keeping the structure for smaller displays and mobile devices.

space150 version 26

In this digital age it’s essential to show that you can stay current and evolve. space150 is a digital marking agency that rebrands it’s identity every 150 days, that revolves from it’s past and brings new innovation to its future. On the 26th revision space150 wanted to emphasize that they are born revolvers. Using from what they’ve learned and experienced in their past ten years, and embracing their future, space150 destroys conventions, while creating demand. To display their ever evolving identity the ouroboros was a perfect tag for the shedding of an old identity and growing of new ideas an innovations.

“responsive design is a must”

On version 26, space150 focused on mobile devices, and used responsive web technology for a fluid website that adapts to multiple screen resolutions. You can view the 26th revision of space150 here