There is one thing that never gets old to me, and that’s the agency life and culture. The late nights working on the next big project, blaring music on the speakers, drinking beer while enjoying a slice of pizza. The competition at the foosball and table-tennis tables. It’s one thing that will never get old. The work hard, play harder attitude that one often takes for granted.

On February 22nd 2010 I started the agency career path at space150 with great interest and excitement working for one of the best small digital agencies. Nearly three years later it is time to move on, literally and metaphorically speaking.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, I’ve pondered on the direction of my career path for many months. Questioned many times how can I make the next big step in my life, to make the next big thing, help innovate and move the next product forward.

Looking back at my time with space, I can’t even imagine where I would be if it wasn’t for the awesome people who work there and amazing talent. And seriously thank every person I’ve had the chance to work with. We’ve all had our good times and hard times but you know what? Look at the amazing products we worked on and launched. From working on Buffalo Wild Wings, to Federal Premium. Each and every product provided a chance to grow and learn. And for those opportunities, I wish nothing but the best for space.

However it’s time for a move 2100 miles westward to San Francisco. Where I happily accepted a Developer role at Odopod. It’s a fresh start at an agency which takes pride in collaboration, and putting amazing work forward. A vision the space shares as well. I’ve always had huge respect and admiration for Odopod, ever since reading about them in 2008 when graduating from college.

It’s a move which is hard, leaving many of my friends and family. Yet a move which is an important step for me, and very exciting. And it’s a perfect move for me to a place with the same philosophy of work hard, play harder. An attitude and culture which never gets old.